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Liposomal Vitamin C Resources – SimpleFrugal Solutions

Liposomal Vitamin C Resources

My book on Amazon

Preferred Equipment

I’ve used both of these cleaners.

The smaller one is perfect for a one or two person family. It makes a smaller amount.

For my large family, I used the Large size unit because we would use a quart or two a day.

My favorite lecithin and sodium ascorbate

I have always used Amazon.com for my supplies. There is a great return and refund policy.

Further Reading

A compilation of articles by Brooks Bradley — HIGHLY recommended:


A long and well-covered discussion of homemade liposomal vitamin C:


A good discussion as to whether homemade liposomal vitamin C is any good:


An article on how to make liposomal vitamin C using Alcohol:

Making Liposomal Vitamin C with Alcohol


Primal Panacea by Thomas Levy MD JD

This is the one book I recommend if you want to really understand and appreciate why we can expect more of liposomal vitamin C as opposed to oral forms.

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