Upcycling Clothes

Have you ever been to the thrift store and, while browsing through the many dresses or pants, found an item you really loved but it was too big? You think “Nuts, that would be so cute!” Or maybe you found the fabric in too good of shape to pass up (that’s me!)

I used to pass up on some pretty nice fashions that were too large because I sort of was stuck inside a box in my mind – no imagination.

Then a friend changed my thinking when she told me she bought dresses, tops, pants and such and then remake them. Huh?

She had an eye for clothes – she could take out the waistline seam, take in the bodice and regather then sew up a new creation. The great thing was that these large items always seemed to be the 99 cents or some outrageous price (talk about frugal).

And it didn’t take much to remake the outfit either. Simple. And frugal.

I have since gone on to take things from my own wardrobe that I don’t fit to remake for my daughters. For instance, I love denim – I really do. It is sturdy and it’s blue – like me! So, when one of my dresses gets too worn in some spot or too small (ooops!), I get one of the girls’ patterns for a favorite dress and cut it out of my dress. And voila, they get a new dress or top.

Used buttons and notions

Another thing I look for at the thrift shop are unique things like fancy buttons, lace collars and trim – things that could be salvaged and reused on a new outfit. My button drawer is one of my most favorite collections and the girls love poking through it to find this or that to dress up their projects.

Fashion Remake

Last but not least, for those who are more talented making/remaking clothes, why not make up your favorite jeans in new(er) fabric? I don’t know about you but don’t you have a pair of pants that you just loved to death. I mean, they are almost indecent they are so worn? I know I do and so do some of my kids. What to do?

One of my older now married daughters loves to trace out patterns for a favorite pair of jeans or a top and then make a “brand new” pair out of another pair of larger jeans. Denim is so expensive, especially for the nice heavy washed kind. So, she finds a large pair of washed out jeans and then cuts out her favorite traced pattern.

Now she has a new pair of jeans made in the pattern of her older worn favorite.

Frugal thinking is thinking outside the box. It is about being creative and imaginative. And now you know another way to reuse those old favorites!

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