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SimpleFrugal is many things…

  • A resource for folks who’ve bought my How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C book and need to know more, click here.
  • A place where folks can come to follow up on books we’ve published. The books are based on the simple and or frugal mindset.
  • We shares tons of tips and hacks for living like a queen on a simple budget.
  • It’s cool to see how little you can live on and have an abundant life at the same time!

About Cheryl is the place where I, Cheryl Hines, and others, share tips and tricks on how to live like a queen on less. While raising a large family, I learned to care for my nine children and husband as well as care for my in-laws. Not in a perfect way by any means.

Life isn’t about seeing who can collect the most “stuff”. It is living as simply – and frugally – as you can while thoroughly enjoying it!

I learned the hard way that relationships are what life’s all about. Even saving your plastic bags can be a stone around your neck so don’t let that get in the way of living joyfully.

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