Self-Publishing: A Look from the Trenches

I love to read non-fiction – to learn how to do things, how things work, the why and wherefores of just about any topic. But writing a book wasn’t even on the radar – ever. To think of writing something was too big of a goal. Like up there with becoming an actor or astronaut.

But with the advent of the information age and the likes of, the stars are within reach of just about anyone.

In any case, once I saw the potential to write and sell information it was like a star was born. I could write and now I could get my work “out there” and potentially in front of thousands of people. Woo hoo!

So I set out to write my contributions to mankind. What to write about? Hmmm, I am a mom of nine. Parenting? I teach them at home. Homeschooling? I love to organize. Organization? Oh, I can make awesome no bake granola bars. Recipes! I also make a do-it-yourself version of liposomal vitamin C (Important sounding, huh?)

Did you know that anyone and his dog can write and sell a book. (Eeeww, that didn’t sound very complimentary!) There are 1001 versions of how to eat Paleo diet books. 501 “How to make money on eBay” (or Amazon or Etsy or you name it!) A bazillion “cookbooks” for smoothies and raw food diet. I could go on.

So who was I to think I could break into that? The trick is to find a niche or a sub sub niche of the main topic, right? So, not just How to eat Paleo but How to Eat Paleo for Mom’s with nine kids (just kidding, not that interested anyway).

Well, I wasn’t going to be stopped – I was going to be self-published no matter what! And guess what? I broke the rule number one of self-publishing: look for interest in the topic, lots of competition. Nope. I just had to write, so I did. You can see the two books that have netted me the most here* and here* And yes I make some money on those titles – enough to have to pay taxes each year.

But I love that I did it! Sometimes you just have to do it even if no one else reads it. You never know though. So, write it then publish it.

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