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Liposomal Vitamin C: How Much To Take? – SimpleFrugal Solutions

Liposomal Vitamin C: How Much To Take?

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I swore I’d never write on dosages of ascorbic acid, liposomal vitamin C or otherwise but it seems some folks just need another opinion on the subject.

And so with the disclaimer that I am not a trained medical professional, I will offer the following personal experience.

First of all, my own use of vitamin C has evolved over the years. In the early years, I only took Emergen-C two or three times throughout the day during illness. Very cautious by my current standards.

I learned later that while large does of ascorbic acid are highly beneficial, it was all but lost in the urine when taking, say, more than 200 mg at a time. It bugged me that something that is so good for you was still so unavailable to the body and then I was introduced to Liposomal Encapsulated Technology, or LET-C.

I was thrilled and naturally, the do-it-yourself-er in me just had to discover a way to do it at home. Fortunately for me, other smarter people had already been doing it so I stood on their shoulders, as it were, and proceeded to make my own LET-C. Hence the book, How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C.

I carefully avoided writing about dosages in my book because I am not a doctor and we live in a sue happy society! So, in the book, I refer to Dr. Thomas Levy and his advice guides my thinking in how much to take. I believe him when he says that there is no “toxic level” of vitamin C (read ascorbic acid). The only side effect is that you will experience cramping and diarrhea as a result of excess consumption.

But I get so many folks asking what I do and what works for my family. With that in mind…

I began to take a shot glass of my homemade LET-C. Other than the soapy taste, which I would mask with juice, it went down fine. I began taking two and three and four ounces at a time with no ill effect. On the contrary, I felt a slight lift like caffeine without the buzz. And I was very pleased to breeze through the flu seasons with barely a sniffle. Those family members who were willing to gulp down the concoction could say the same thing.

This is what we do:

Maintenance dose: I take an ounce every morning and every night.

During flu season: I take an ounce or two, three times a day.

During that initial achy, blah feeling when you sense something is “going down”: I took 4 ounces every waking hour till I felt like the feeling was gone – at least a day.

During acute illness (you are sick!): I took as much as I could handle even as often as every 10 or 15 minutes, 2 to 4 ounces. That is when I had bronchitis (it sneaked up on me!)

I am going to emphasize again, take your own advice when taking LET-C but from my own personal experience, there is the minimal risk of having diarrhea.

Happy experimenting!

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