Golden Latte

What the heck is a Golden Latte?!  Glad you asked!! It’s a recent invention of mine which combines the benefits of golden paste and my favorite morning drink.

Golden milk is making its rounds in the alternative health circles of late. I don’t mind Golden milk at all. As a matter of fact, I think it is almost bitter enough for me to let it pass as my “coffee” substitute.


I really do enjoy a creamy cup of coffee. I used to use half and half but now it’s full on heavy cream. But as I was reaching for my cream one morning, I saw my jar of Golden Paste and I got an idea. I thought maybe I could have the coffee and golden milk. Two for the price of one! So, I tried the combo and you know what – it’s quite satisfying, as well.

So here is my contribution to the whole turmeric drink recipe offerings:

Golden Latte

The recipe is simple. Brew your favorite coffee. Pour it over a heaping teaspoon of golden paste (recipe here) and stir.

Now add your favorite creamer: cream, coconut milk, almond milk or just some half and half for those who are not against using dairy.

For a Bullet Proof version: Add ghee and coconut oil, instead of cream. Stir till they are melted in. I know they tell you to blend it but I don’t mind the oil floating on top.

I like almond milk, personally. Then for a treat, I add a good shake or two of pumpkin pie spice. Go crazy with this.

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