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a fusion of all things simple. We take a look toward minimalism and keeping it cost effective.  I love figuring out how to "do it myself" and passing on the nuggets to you! Still keeping it simple - and frugal.

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What the heck is SimpleFrugal??

SimpleFrugal is the writings of a woman's journey to simplify her home, living as frugally as made sense. ​

Once upon a time there was a man, Mark, and his wife, Cheryl, who decided to make a family. Cheryl​ was brand new to this whole family venture (but then aren't we all?). She had her first born, a daughter, who, bless her heart inherited a total klutz for a mom. Thankfully Cheryl was a very quick learner and soon things smoothed out.

Second born, a son, came about 18 months later. Yikes but okay. When kiddos got sick she'd take them to doctor. I mean, at least once a month.

<switching to first person now>

I was a good mom, right?

On one particular visit, my longsuffering doctor said, "Cheryl, you are a great mother. You know your kids - better than I do. You don't need to bring them in for every little thing. You handle the colds and "boo-boos". I'll handle the bigger stuff, OK?​"

Well, that was all I needed, to be told I could take care of my kids' health. So from that day forward (and this was just before the internet) I read all I could on health care. I learned to use herbs and supplements in junction with prescriptions (and those sparingly since we were staying well). I learned to bind wounds and save a trip to ER.

From there, I branched out to complete scratch cooking. Bread made from freshly ground wheat (and there is such a difference in taste, believe me). Soups always from scratch. that was what made sense with our growing family which by now we had added two more daughters.

Clothes sewn. Clothes remade. Knitting, crochet, tatting, just about every handicraft at least once.

Over the years, I got better and better at DIY and being frugal but I hadn't necessarily simplified things. ​But I found they really do go hand in hand.

I learned to simplify all processes for cooking, sewing, gardening, you name it. I cut out extra steps for cleaning the bathroom without sacrificing quality. Same thing for all​. I loved reading books on cleaning. My first one was Don Aslett's Is There Life After Housework and then Clutter Free. I became an addict for books on home organization.

This all segued into becoming more frugal as well. Of course I read all the Tightwad Gazette's and have The Complete Tightwad Gazette on my shelf. I still recommend her book.

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