A little change in focus

Announcing a change in focus for my site! Growing and using herbs!!

For years, SimpleFrugal.com has been where I, Cheryl Hines, share my favorite ways to simplify my life. That might mean kitchen hacks, homeschool tips, and holistic healthcare shortcuts. I just put down everything that I thought had to do with living a simpler and more frugal lifestyle.

That won’t change – I’ll still offer hacks and tips in general. But what will change is due to the fact that I am entering into a new chapter in my own life and my focus isn’t keeping a home so much anymore. Nowadays, my children have all but gone – moved on in their own lives. The home has slowly gotten quieter and a few years ago I took a job outside the home, mostly to take up the empty hours.

I still live a relatively simple frugal life… and I love learning about life hacks and all things health… which leads me to the new focus: holistic health with a tighter focus on herbalism.

I have long been a student of herbalism. I wrote my book, Get Well Stay Well, as a result. But with all this new time on my hands, I am “going back to school”! I am learning from one of the best modern teachers on herbs and herbal medicine, Michael Moore. Mr. Moore has long passed but his school is still around. So I am taking his classes on chemistry, organic chemistry, anatomy, herbs, etc… and I’m loving it!

If I can propagate it, I will

I hadn’t really mentioned it here but something else I have started to do is learn to propagate shrubs. You¬†know, hydrangea, euonymous, lavender, hawthorne, etc. It is super simple! Even this “brown thumb” is turning green!! Grandma V would cheer!

Anyway, as I learn new things I’ll be sharing my insight right here. I want to ultimately focus on medicinal herb gardening. I’ll share about plants and shrubs I can grow and forage right here in my native Pacific Northwest. If I can propagate it here, I’ll do it.

I can’t wait to share what I am learning!! So stay tuned… there is definitely a lot more to come!

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